Presentation on art and science for Art & Nature program

I was invited by the Laguna Art Museum to participate in their Art & Nature program the weekend of November 9, 2013. I joined two artists in first giving presentations of our ‘work’ and then answering questions from the audience. Later there was a reception and plenary lecture by historian Kevin Starr, who talked about the history of art and nature in the U.S. and discussed works of art that were currently on display.

My presentation was on using bioluminescence as an art form, citing my collaboration with artist Erika Blumenfeld for the CARBON 12 exhibit in Paris during summer 2012, and the recent wishing well exhibit for glow Santa Monica on September 28 in collaboration with artist Glenn Kaino.

Audience members were wowed by the photo and video imagery in my talk and appeared to enjoy having a scientist there.